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Jan 12

Anonymous said: are we still getting a new park because if we are not then we should at least get our old ramps back

All the ramps taken away are gone for good

Sep 28

Meeting Tonight

There is a meeting tonight at 6:00 at Burough Hall. Please if you have the time try to be in attendance. Thank you.

Sep 10


The lack of updates has to do with the lack of events for the skate park. We’ve been working on this for over two years, so please come help out in your community. If you have any ideas or questions feel free to email

Jul 5

A little late in posting this but a little promo for King of the Road!

Jun 22


Filmed on go skateboarding day 2011. We started out at the skate park and filmed the tag team line and got clips of crazy chris! After that we hit 7th street hill and i was ahead of everyone and got my camera out just in time, but the filming was shaky. After that we hit up guth and we were pretty unsucessful but after that tyler got a nollie pop shuvit nose manual to piviot out at the highschool.

(via stagnantlife)

Jun 21
Happy Go Skate Day Everyone!

Happy Go Skate Day Everyone!

Jun 20

this weeks mini ramp edit from bryan arnold.

After this one all will be posted in the Mini Ramp Madness page so check there EVERY MONDAY FOR NEW VIDEOS!

Jun 18

Car Wash 6/18/2011

Thanks for everyone that came to the car wash, while I’m not exactly sure how much we raised from the car washes but I’m sure it was over $400. Hopefully all the other car washes we have over the summer will do this good or even better!

Jun 17


We are having a car wash tomorrow from 10am-1pm. Skateboarders and biker should come and help out, also if you need your car washed you should come as well. We are doing these car washes to raise money for the skate park!
It will be located at the parking lot of the skate park so please come stop by! 

Jun 10

A video done by Bryan Arnold, with a battle between Tyler and Alex to get the Frontside flip first.

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